Purple Pheasant Feather Toy

Purple pheasant feather toy: A Tamboo Flyer® by CatTamboo Pet Toys. These purple feather toys are made from ring-necked pheasant tail feathers and purple marabou feathers. They are available in three different sizes and two different rod action/weights. In addition, you have the option of adding a beautiful peacock eye feather to the cat fly. Cat flies™ are the name we use to describe the feather toy that is attached to the end of an all natural rod.

DESCRIPTION for the Purple Pheasant Feather Toy

Pheasant - Purple
Pheasant – Purple

The purple pheasant feather toy is an interactive cat toy with unpredictable action and wild Ring-necked pheasant tail feathers. These purple pheasant feather toys are beautiful and come in three sizes. Heavier action feather toys generally have larger feathers whereas light action Tamboo rods will have small feathers in order to optimize flight performance. Sizes are based upon rod length.

CatTamboo® toys are fun for pets and people!

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