Purple Cat Toys by CatTamboo

Purple Cat Toys by CatTamboo® Pet Toys are available in an assortment of sizes and other options. Choose from our selection of purple cat toys made by CatTamboo Pet Toys. These interactive cat toys come in three different types: goose, pheasant, and wild turkey. Our eco-friendly pet toys average over 6 feet long and operate much like an ultra lightweight fly rod. Get yours today and find out why cats and people alike are crazy about Doing the CatTamboo!

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Cats often have a favorite color and so do people!  That is why we offer pet owners a place to choose their cat toys by color.  Colors evoke emotions and impulses in both pets and people.

The Color Psychology of Purple

Purple is a great color because cats see it well and it stimulates a cat’s imagination. Purple cat toys stimulate the brain activity used in problem solving which is very good for cats that want to catch birds or CatTamboo® interactive pet toys.

  • Purple is one of our most popular cat toy colors
  • Purple is a symbol of royalty and wealth.
  • In human and feline psychology, the color purple matches a cats attitude of self importance.
  • Purple is a mix of red and blue.
  • Purple means wisdom and spirituality.
  • Purple is somewhat rare in nature, and appears exotic!

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