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Pink Cat Toys by CatTamboo® Pet Toys! Pink is another hot color for cat toys! What is your cat’s favorite color? If you aren’t sure, try a pink cat toy! We use pink marabou to color the feather toys which are available with three kinds of primary feathers: pheasant, goose, and turkey.

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Description: Pink Cat Toys

What is your cat’s favorite color? Or if you are not sure, then what is your favorite color? Most of us do have our favorite colors which is why we offer a place for pet owners to go and to choose their cat toys by color.  It is a well proven fact that colors evoke impulses and emotions in both pets and people.

The Color Psychology of Pink

The color pink represents femininity, peace, compassion, and love. Pink relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing. The color pink can also invoke happiness and playfulness.

  • Pink evokes feelings of love and romance.
  • Psychologically, the color pink has a calming effect.
  • Researchers of color psychology have found that pink is initially calming, but studies in prisons have shown that the inmates often become more agitated after prolonged exposure to the color pink.
  • In cat psychology, the color pink is a hot color that evokes playfulness and aggression.
  • The deeper the color of pink, the more passion and energy it invokes.

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