Orange Cat Toys

Orange Cat Toys by CatTamboo are interactive and fun for all ages.
Orange is one of the hottest colors for cat toys. Our orange cat toys are available in combination with four different kinds of main feathers including pheasant tail feathers, goose wing feathers, wild turkey wing feathers, and wild turkey tail feathers.

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As you probably know, cats are a lot like people!  Do you have a favorite color? Well your cat might have a favorite color also! This is why we offer pet owners a place to choose their interactive cat toys by color.  Colors are proven to evoke emotion in both people and pets. Orange cat toys will evoke different emotions and impulses than toys with other colors.

The Color Psychology of Orange

  • The color Orange is from a mix of yellow and red.  Orange is an energetic color.
  • Orange invokes excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth.
  • Orange can be effectively used to draw attention. People use orange in traffic signs and advertising for this reason. On an interactive cat toy, orange is an effective color for your cat to feel warm, happy, and active. Our orange cat toys are a hot seller!

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